An elegant product built with integrity and carefully designed for simplicity.



The straightforward TWIST-N-LOCK™ design has been created to take all wiring frustration out of your hands. Simply line up the arrows at the end of any harness or cord system, plug together and twist the cover to finish your connection. Once this simple attachment is complete, you will be ready to light up your landscaping project.

Stylish Lighting

Lunarscape Landscape Lighting offers a wide variety of well-designed lights to meet your style needs. Whether it’s a simple spot light to highlight decorative landscaping, path lights to brighten your walkways or a contemporary statement to compliment your modern home, Lunarscape will have the right product for you.

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Choose Power

Once you have considered the number of lights you wish to have in your landscape design, select one of the power options to supply the desired amount of fixtures.


Pick Your Cords

Select a length of cord or attach multiple cords to fit your landscaping requirements.


Pick Your Lights

Select one or several of the wide variety of lights Lunarscape LED Lighting offers to compliment the system and any of your style needs. Lunarscape has a wide variety of lights that will suit anyone’s style and needs.

Lunarscape Product Line


LED Lighting provides up to 50,000 hours of beautiful lighting with the benefits of being environmentally friendly.


Energy Efficient LED

The benefits of LED lighting far exceed the traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs when it comes to environmental factors. An LED light uses 10% of the energy required by an incandescent bulb and has a lifespan of 50,000+ hours. This is a dramatic improvement in efficiency relative to 1,000+ hours produced from an incandescent light or 8,000+ hours generated by a fluorescent system. LED technology is not only conserving energy, it is contributing in the decrease of C02 emissions, sulfur oxide and nuclear waste, simultaneously saving the end user on energy costs. With new regulations phasing out incandescent lighting, LED lights are becoming a more affordable, common and conscious choice.

3 Year Warranty

All Lunarscape Landscape Lighting products come with a standard 3 year warranty with proof of purchase. Simply bring the product back to the location it was purchased with the proof of purchase and do a simple exchange.

Easy to Use

The simplicity of using the Twist-N-Lock system and lighting components makes landscape lighting simple and fun.

Long Lasting

All Lunarscape Landscape Lighting are designed for long lasting lighting. With 50,000 hours of LED lighting and burying your cables, simply install the lights and enjoy!


The simple versatility of the landscape lighting system makes Lunarscape superior to all other systems on the market. Using the harness or extensions whenever you need keeps everything versatile and fun.

Improve Security

Keeping dark areas light and bright deters theft and crime. As a proven method to deter crime using landscape lighting can and will protect your home.

Impress Guests

Setting the mood and enhancing landscape features is the way to impress guests, friends and family alike. Outdoor kitchens, highlighting tress or simply lighting up a garden is the way to be the envy of your neighbourhood.