Classic LED Hat Light

Product Details

The Classic Hat Path Light delivers a 360 degree range of light, designed to compliment any decorative landscaping or pathways in your outdoor living space. This elegant fixture is available in a flat black finish with a solid spike for placement.


  • Outdoor
  • Landscape
  • Display
  • Pathway
  • Hardscape
  • Accent


  • 1 Easy Water Proof Connections
  • Black Metal Casing
  • Fully sealed for outdoor use
  • Spike for in Ground installation
  • Connect any Lunarscape Light Twist-N-Lock


Power Supply 12V DC Output
Connections 1
Waterproof Yes
Harness Length 4.5ft (1.5m)
Length Out of Ground 16″ (0.41m)
Length of Metal Spike 8″ (0.203m)
Twist-N-Lock Male
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